ISBN: 978-954-384-131-8
by Harrison, Karen

Entropy as a concept describes the transformation or transition from a stable to an unstable state. It characterizes any thermodynamic system. This is the theme and structure of the forty-seven poems in the collection A Study in Entropy. Most represent accumulation or desire for extremity, followed by destruction, expiry as an almost sacred gesture, like that of the Danaids, at the end and the beginning always with the heavenly: God, the Universe, the angels, the transcendent. The main topics are death, pain, hope, faith, water. It is a journey through the Sacred Mountain called life (in the process of writing the book, between October 2016 and July 2021, the author visited twenty countries around the world, from Iceland to Kenya) and incarnated deep in the heart. Karen Harrison’s entropy, caused by external circumstances, by the chaos of everyday life, by spiritual and physical wounds, has its point of balance – survival, achieved at the expense of courage and commitment. The book contains an introduction by the Bulgarian poet Tsvetanka Elenkova.


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