ISBN: 978-954-384-140-0
by Aleixandre, Marilar

Miranda’s parents, Asterius and Melina, run a tavern in Syracuse, a historic city on the Italian island of Sicily. They are immigrants from Crete, which they had to leave in a hurry, never to return. One of their customers is a blind man called Polyeuphemius, who is almost a member of the family, but they are wary of another customer, Olysseus, who traffics in ancient artefacts and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. One day, Miranda bumps into Antelmo, a schoolmate who is now a fisherman and has grown into a bit of a hunk. Antelmo invites her to join the League of Gorgons, an organization that endeavours to prevent Sicily’s cultural heritage from being pillaged. This will lead her to cross the island with a mathematical treatise by Archimedes, dodging craters left behind by the combatants of the Second World War, to learn about her family’s past, and to meet a great inventor who specializes in aircraft, Dae Dalus. The text is interspersed with stories that reintroduce the reader to Greek myths, and with characters, some of whom are not what they seem…


Publication Date: 26 September 2023 / Language: English / Paperback: 164 pages / Dimensions: 203 x 133 mm / Price: Consult the catalogue / / / Barnes & Noble