ISBN: 978-954-384-133-2
by Campo, Marica

A witch who helps María Balteira, a famous courtesan in the court of Alfonso X of Castile; a man who cannot love his wife because of another lover’s jealousy; a nun who falls for the man of her dreams; a mermaid who is condemned to eternal youth (“Being unable to grow old is like not being alive, like writing a book in the sand on the beach”); a nobleman whose lover is cursed by her mother and turns into a she-wolf; a witch working incognito in a disco in Barcelona; a mulatta from the Caribbean who disembarks one day in Coruña; a sorceress who is forbidden to fall in love; two women waiting for an abortion; a town clock’s ability to warn people by striking twelve with eleven and a half strokes; a female academic in the company of women from history; a shepherd under the spell of a sorceress with three faces; a grandmother who tells her granddaughter to count sheep, or seahorses, or sea shells… In the thirteen stories that make up Confusion and Death of María Balteira, Lugo writer Marica Campo weaves together the threads of myth and historical fact to create a garment that, like a magic cloak, transports the reader to the high forests and glens of Galicia in the northwest Iberian Peninsula, a land shrouded in mystery and an integral part of the Celtic fringe.


Publication Date: 19 October 2022 / Language: English / Paperback: 138 pages / Dimensions: 203 x 133 mm / Price: Consult the catalogue / / / Barnes & Noble