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Galician Books in English


This is meant to be a complete list of books of Galician literature published in English. The following are omitted: picture books, promotional material, individual translations published in books/magazines and translations from Galician-Portuguese. Please send details of other publications to Jonathan Dunne.

For more information about Galician literature and contemporary Galician writers, visit galicianliterature.com.




BLANCO AMOR, Eduardo. On a Bender/A esmorga (novel). Planet, Aberystwyth 2012. Translation & foreword: Craig Patterson.

CASARES, Carlos. Wounded Wind/Vento ferido (stories). Planet, Aberystwyth 2004. Translation: Rosa Rutherford.

CASTELAO. Things/Cousas (stories). Planet, Aberystwyth 2001. Translation: Kirsty Hooper, Isabel Mancebo Portela, Craig Patterson, Manuel Puga Moruxa. Foreword: Craig Patterson.

CASTRO, Rosalía de. Galician Songs/Cantares gallegos (poetry). Small Stations-Xunta de Galicia, Sofia 2013. Translation: Erín Moure.

CEBREIRO, María do. I Am Not from Here/Non son de aquí (poetry). Shearsman, Exeter 2010. Translation & foreword: Helena Miguélez-Carballeira.

CONDE, Alfredo. The Griffon/Xa vai o griffón no vento (novel). Bystander, Melbourne 2000. Translation & foreword: Roy Boland.

CONDE, Alfredo. Romasanta: Uncertain memoirs of the Galician wolfman/Romasanta: Memorias incertas do home lobo (novel). Antípodas, Sydney 2006. Translation: Roy Boland.

CUNQUEIRO, Álvaro. Merlin and Company/Merlín e familia (novel). J M Dent, London; Charles E Tuttle, Vermont 1996. Translation & foreword: Colin Smith.

CUNQUEIRO, Álvaro. Folks from Here and There/Xente de aquí e de acolá (stories). Small Stations-Xunta de Galicia, Sofia 2011. Translation: Kathleen March.

FERREIRO, Celso Emilio. Long Night of Stone/Longa noite de pedra (poetry). Small Stations-Xunta de Galicia, Sofia 2012. Translation: Jack Hill.

GÓMEZ, Lupe. Pornography/Pornografía (poetry). In: BURGHARD, Baltrusch (ed.). Lupe Gómez: libre e estranxeira. Frank & Timme, Berlin 2013. Translation: Rebeca Lema Martínez, Erín Moure.

MANUEL ANTONIO. From Four to Four/De catro a catro (poetry). In: Puckerbrush Review (19.2), Orono 2001. Translation & foreword: John Burns.

MURADO, Miguel Anxo. A Bestiary of Discontent/Bestiario dos descontentos (poetry). Edwin Mellen, Lewiston-Queenston-Lampeter 1993. Translation: Carys Evans-Corrales.

NEIRA VILAS, Xosé. Memoirs of a Peasant Boy/Memorias dun neno labrego (novel). Trafford, Victoria-Oxford 2004. Translation: Camilo Ogando Vázquez.

OTERO PEDRAYO, Ramón. Circling/Arredor de si (novel). Amaranta, Santiago de Compostela 2007. Translation: Kathleen March.

PALLARÉS, Pilar. A Leopard Am I/Leopardo son (poetry). Small Stations, Sofia 2013. Translation: Carys Evans-Corrales.

PATO, Chus. Charenton/Charenton (poetry). Shearsman, Exeter; Buschek, Ottawa 2007. Translation: Erín Moure.

PATO, Chus. m-Talá/m-Talá (poetry). Shearsman, Exeter; Buschek, Ottawa 2009. Translation & foreword: Erín Moure.

PATO, Chus. Hordes of Writing/Hordas de escritura (poetry). Shearsman, Exeter; Buschek, Ottawa 2011. Translation & foreword: Erín Moure.

PEREIRO, Lois. Collected Poems/Poemas para unha Loia; Poemas 1981/1991; Poesía última de amor e enfermidade (poetry). Small Stations-Xunta de Galicia, Sofia 2011. Translation: Jonathan Dunne.

QUEIZÁN, María Xosé. The Likeness/A semellanza (novel). Peter Lang, New York-Bern-Berlin-Brussels-Frankfurt-Vienna 1999. Translation: Ana Spitzmesser.

RIVAS, Manuel. The Carpenter's Pencil/O lapis do carpinteiro (novel). Harvill, London 2001; Overlook, Woodstock-New York 2001. Translation: Jonathan Dunne.

RIVAS, Manuel. Vermeer's Milkmaid and Other Stories/Que me queres, amor? (stories). Harvill, London 2002; Overlook, Woodstock-New York 2008. Translation: Jonathan Dunne.

RIVAS, Manuel. In the Wilderness/En salvaxe compaña (novel). Harvill, London 2003; Overlook, Woodstock-New York 2006. Translation: Jonathan Dunne.

RIVAS, Manuel. Books Burn Badly/Os libros arden mal (novel). Harvill Secker, London 2010. Translation: Jonathan Dunne.

RIVAS, Manuel. The Disappearance of Snow/A desaparición da neve (poetry). Shearsman, Bristol 2012. Translation: Lorna Shaughnessy. Foreword: Martín Veiga.

RIVAS, Manuel. All Is Silence/Todo é silencio (novel). Harvill Secker, London 2013. Translation: Jonathan Dunne.

RODRÍGUEZ FER, Claudio. Tender Tigers/Tigres de ternura (poetry). Toxosoutos, Noia 2012. Translation & foreword: Kathleen March.

TORO, Suso de. The Hunting Shadow/A sombra cazadora (novel). Galebook, Coruña 2013. Translation: Antonio de Toro Santos, David Clark.

TORO, Xelís de. The Book of Invisible Bridges/O libro das pontes invisibles (poetry). Pighog, Brighton 2012. Translation: John Rutherford.

VILLAR, Domingo. Water-Blue Eyes/Ollos de auga (novel). Arcadia, London 2007. Translation: Martin Schifino.

VILLAR, Domingo. Death on a Galician Shore/A praia dos afogados (novel). Abacus, London 2011. Translation: Sonia Soto.




CASTRO, Rosalía de. Poems of Rosalía de Castro (poetry). Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Madrid 1964. Translation: Charles David Ley. Edition & foreword: Xosé Filgueira Valverde.

anthology contents: (from Cantares gallegos) Sing me a song and I'll give you chestnuts; My little Saintlet; A plump, robust bagpipe-player; You church-bells of Bastabales; Most blessed holy Saint Antony; Goodbye to rivers and fountains; Breezes, breezes, little breezes; But he who has once loved truly; What's the lad up to?; Come along, lassie; If you came to see us, Marica; How the rain is falling lightly; Dawn Serenade; (from Follas novas) Just as the clouds; What is happening around me?; Peace, peace so much longed for; I used to have a nail; One heart-beat, another heart-beat; But see how this heart of mine's; Goodbye; In the Cathedral; Run on serene, you sparkling, cristal waters; The Bell at Dawn; Dig it with all speed, dig it; It was the fall of evening; The clearest blue in heaven; Old Friends; Long month of May, long month of May; Discoloured Moon; A Foreigner in Her Own Country; Padrón, Padrón; Forward!; Gigantic elm-trees and myrtles; Misfortune; Months of the winter season; My little house, my home; You great Cross at Ramírez; When no one's looking at them; My thoughts, in what a feckless way you're flying; From here I can see a pathway.

CASTRO, Rosalía de. Poems (poetry). State University of New York, Albany 1991. Translation, edition & foreword: Anna-Marie Aldaz, Barbara Gantt, Anne Bromley.

anthology contents: (from Cantares gallegos) Prologue; I was born in springtime; Bells of Bastabales; Blessed Saint Anthony; Farewell to rivers, farewell to streams; Castilians of Castile; (from Follas novas) Prologue; They say whoever sings of doves and flowers; I know quite well; As the clouds; You will say these verses have a strange; New Leaves! your name; What is this confusion around me?; Some say: my land!; Whether in the heart of the night; Where is this peace; Once a nail pierced my heart; When we are happiest; Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, who can say when?; It is no longer bitterness, nor contempt; These voices that come and go; One heartbeat, then another; In winter I wondered; See my heart; With his wave's soft persistent whisper; I keep searching for honey and cool; My hand quivers, my heart beats; Flow on, serene, crystal waters; Into that cup from which you drink; There are soft loves that come in secret; I knew pain and anger; When they wrap me in a shroud; They barked at me as I walked; My soul; Sea, with your depthless waters!; Dig swiftly, dig; Just when I think you have fled; Take me to that crystal fountain; In the sky, clearest blue; I was robbed of my innocence; God placed a veil; "Tick-tock! Tick-tock!" the pendulum repeats; In late afternoon, when I go to pray; Endless May endless May; Pale moon; How peacefully they glisten; Padrón! Padrón!; Why, merciful God; There were joyful mornings; The angels came down; Cold months of winter; Always a plaintive cry, a doubt; You say that marriage; I was born with a disease; I hate you, new fields; One after another departs; No bread in the oven, no wood to burn.

CASTRO, Rosalía de. Selected Poems (poetry). Shearsman, Exeter 2007. Translation, edition & foreword: Michael Smith.

anthology contents: (from Cantares gallegos) When I hear you toll; There in the early morning; In the quiet evening; Every star, its diamond; The wind blows, the river flows; (from Follas novas) A Few Words from the Author; I well know there is nothing; As the clouds; You will say about these verses, and it's true; What's happening around me?; New leaves! the name you bear; Some people say, My country!; Once I had a nail; When one is very, very lucky; Today or tomorrow, who can say when?; That buzz of songs and laughter; Now neither rancour nor disdain; Quiet!; Goodbye!; In the Cathedral; No Charge; Weeping I thought each night; Who Does Not Lament?; Sea, with your unfathomed waters; Dig fast, dig; When I think you are gone; Happiness is treacherous; Tick-tock, tick-tock, in the silent night; Flow, serene crystal waves; How placid the sparkling!; Padrón!… Padrón!

CASTRO, Rosalía de. The Poetry and Prose of Rosalía de Castro (poetry). Edwin Mellen, Lewiston-Queenston-Lampeter 2010. Translation, edition & foreword: John Dever, Aileen Dever.

anthology contents: (from Cantares gallegos) Prologue; You must sing; The cocks are crowing the dawning day; I went on a Sunday; A stocky bagpiper; I loved you so much, little girl; Bells of Bastabales; Blessed Saint Anthony; Farewell rivers, farewell springs; Little airs, little airs airs; Flow, river, flow, river; Now, my little child, now; You are the most beautiful maiden; Castilians from Castile; It is raining so softly; I singing, singing, sang; (from Follas novas) Prologue; Whoever sings of doves and flowers; I well know that there's nothing; Like clouds; You will say of these verses, and it is true; New leaves!, I feel like laughing; What's happening all around me?; Some say: my native land!; Peace, coveted peace; Once I had a thorn; Today or tomorrow, who can say when?; No longer with rancor or disdain; That murmur of songs and laughter; See my heart; With soft and persistent whispering; Silence!; Farewell!; In the Cathedral; Flow, serene crystalline streams; Each night I would think crying; Good Love; Open, fresh roses; They were barking at me, who was walking; The Ringing of the Bell at Dawn; Sea!, with your fathomless depths; Dig swiftly, dig; When I think that you've gone off; Treacherous is Fortune; Take me to that crystalline stream; Justice by one's own hand; Tick-tock!, Tick-tock!, in the silent night; Old Friends; Pale Moon; Stranger in her Native Land; Padrón! Padrón!; Go on along; Why, merciful God; True love is grand and heavenly; Nor in the Dark!; Gigantic elms, myrtles; Misfortune; Sweet Dream; For some, black; Cold winter months; Vanity; You say that marriage; I have a disease that has no cure; In the damp portico a little boy trembles; Be silent!; My little house, my home; To Havana!; Let's forget the dead!; Alone I wove my cloth; From here a little road I see; In the cloister; I have a nest of wild thoughts.

MÉNDEZ FERRÍN, Xosé Luís. Them and Other Stories (stories). Planet, Aberystwyth 1996. Translation & edition: John Rutherford, Xelís de Toro, Benigno Fernández Salgado. Foreword: Xelís de Toro.

anthology contents: (from Percival e outras historias) Philoctetes; The Gate; Grieih; (from O crepúsculo e as formigas) Men and the Night; (Retorno a Tagen Ata) Return to Tagen Ata; (from Elipsis e outras sombras) Labyrinth; Partisan 4; (from Crónica de Nós) Coffee Liqueur; Sibila; (from Amor de Artur) Cold Hortensia; Artur's Love; A Family of Surveyors; (from Arraianos) Them; The Old House of Arranhão; The Monk of Diabelle; Elastic Boots; Lobosandaus; The Castle on the Moors.

RIVAS, Manuel. Butterfly's Tongue (stories). Harvill, London 2000. Translation: Margaret Jull Costa, Jonathan Dunne.

anthology contents: (from Que me queres, amor?) Butterfly's Tongue; Saxophone in the Mist; Carmiña.

RIVAS, Manuel. From Unknown to Unknown (poetry). Small Stations, Sofia 2009. Translation & edition: Jonathan Dunne. Foreword: John Burnside.

anthology contents: (from Libro do entroido) To flee from so much natal love; The English Cemetery; Serpent with Wings; Castro de Elviña; (from Balada nas praias do oeste) Widows of the Living; Ballad on the Western Beaches; Dark Is Life, Dark Death; Incio; Ferrol; On your skin of a boat; I went down to hope and turned over autumn; Lower Miño Days; Promise; (from Mohicania) Farewell; Joshua Slocum's Trip round the World; Atlantic Avenue; The Lonely Seafarer's Song; The Wood's Army; Mother Earth; Country Suicide; Weight on the Head; Celtic Apocalypse; Omen and Legend; Blues; The Black Earth; Radiophony; Beirut; Letter to a Son; Haiku; Dakar; (from Ningún cisne) A Thousand; She accuses me of having no feelings; Can you hear me? I'm in a phone box; Yes, I'm still here; Power; Arzúa: Snowfall of '87; Lyric; Culture; Welcome; Terrorism; Television; Hunting; Story; Stop; Café; Cricket; New Zealand; Childhood; Shadow; Nationalism; (from Costa da Morte blues) Babel; A Hot Coffee; Confession; Madrid; Vermeer's Milkmaid; Red Rose, Proud Rose, Sad Rose; The Last Judgement; Hearth; Tenderness; A Man; Botanic Garden; Snooker at the Royal Oak; Unforeseen Destiny; Graveyard; One Eleven; One Twelve; One Sixteen; One Seventeen; Statistic; Message; The River; New Romance of Fin Negan; (from Poemas recentes) Questions; Graffiti; The Singer's Beret; One Missed Call; Prayer; Practical Guide; Brotherhood; The Enemy's Rap.

VARIOUS. An Anthology of Galician Short Stories: Así vai o conto (stories). Edwin Mellen, Lewiston-Queenston-Lampeter 1991. Translation & edition: Kathleen March. Foreword: Ricardo Carvalho Calero.

anthology contents: Eduardo Blanco Amor, The Rescue; Carlos Casares, When the Rains Come; Castelao, Migueliño's Father; My Friend; Sabela; Antonio Costa Gómez, Night in San Andrés de Teixido; Álvaro Cunqueiro, Melle of Loboso; Rafael Dieste, About Bieito's Death; Carys Evans-Corrales, The Enigma; Víctor Freixanes, Cockroach Hunting; Ánxel Fole, If It's Not One Thing It's Another; Úrsula Heinze, Want to Marry Me?; Margarita Ledo Andión, Ironpark Crime; Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín, She, Boomerang; Xosé Neira Vilas, Now…; Ramón Otero Pedrayo, The Maid; María Xosé Queizán, Eros and Thanatos; Claudio Rodríguez Fer, The Asphalt Island; Gonzalo Rodríguez Mourullo, Memory of a Regulation Death; Xesús Manuel Valcárcel, The True Story of Allan Creidne; Vítor Vaqueiro, The Night of the Solstice.

VARIOUS. By the Paths of Literature: Galician writers of PEN (poetry-stories). PEN Club of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela 1993. Translation: María Casal, Kathleen March, Andrew Miller, Antonio de Toro Santos, Gabrielle Witthaus.

anthology contents: Xavier Alcalá, 55th Parallel; Vicente Araguas, Hoping She Doesn't Leave; For the Letter That Glossed Luis de Camoes; Sighs for Spain; The White Cat; Let the Twist Go On; Alberto Avendaño, Marmalade; Fermín Bouza Álvarez, There Was a Rain Shower in the Conversations; Darío Xohán Cabana, The Shoeshiner; Quirón de Navia; Carlos Casares, Jacob the Jew; Alfredo Conde, An Air of Triumph; Xosé Fernández Ferreiro, from August 1936; Francisco Xosé Fernández Naval, The End of the Gods; Carlos Reigosa, The Treasure of Petro Xesto; Salvador García-Bodaño, May wings of absence embrace you; Compostela is a long road; Ambroa; Antonio García Teijeiro, Let, upon the memory of silences; The angels of human madness; Lament XII; It is not easy to reject the water; Lament XIII; Final Lament; Úrsula Heinze, I Can See Something That You Can't See; Modesto Hermida García, Prologue (II); Sea Waves; Conclusion (II); Antón López Dobao, Reflection-1; Reflections-2; For A. Q.; Arm, I could arm every day; Arcadio López-Casanova, Working the Land (VI); Child of the Orphanage; In the Shadow of the Birch Rods; Such a Bay Tree of Light…; Kathleen March, Love of Mine; Marina Mayoral, Nine Months and a Day; Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín, She, Boomerang; María Victoria Moreno, It's a dream that keeps repeating itself; David Otero, Moncho; Xosé Ramón Pena, Profane Concert; Xesús Rábade Paredes, Prelude; Euloxio Ruibal, The Gargoyle; Antón Risco, The Old Woman; Manuel Rivas, Black Bread; Xavier Rodríguez Barrio, Journey to Ashes; Limbo; Dearest Mask; Afterthoughts; Suso de Toro, Here We Are; Getting Up Early; What a Laugh; Xohana Torres, Marvellous Cities; Penelope; Elegies to Lola; Ship Ahoy; Luís González Tosar, Tools of Identity; Return to Compostela; Helena Villar Janeiro, Kennington Road; Mistress of All Time; Doe amidst the Bullrushes.


VARIOUS. Contemporánea (poetry). Galician-Language Writers Association, Coruña 1995. Translation: Jack Hill. Edition: Xosé María Álvarez Cáccamo, Miguel Anxo Fernán Vello, Carlos López Bernárdez, Luísa Villalta, Rafa Villar.

anthology contents: Pura Vázquez, Where Do I Come from? Where Do I Go?; Poem to Xohana Torres; Restlessness; With your presence; Second Island; To rub. To feel. To touch the burning rock; Fountain of life. And the light which warms me; Antón Tovar, I; When I Die; To Love You Forever; Family Photos; Gee-up-whoaaa; Corn-ears of words in the night; Oh God, god, Father, terrifying, hard; Luz Pozo Garza, Like Dante Arriving in Paradise; Now We Contemplate the Sea of Vigo; The Idea of a Dark City; Offered Petals; The Cies Islands; Angels of Snow and Figures of Light; I Was a Little Girl who Listened in the Night; Manuel María, Poem of Disorientation; Verses of a Bitter Evening; Terra Chá; Angel of silence; I accuse the middle class; Poem against Silence; Proverb of Memory; Uxío Novoneyra, Wolf-haunts; White cloths; High lonely lands; Galicia, will it be my generation who saves you?; Litany of Galicia; Vietnam Canto; You walk the streets as if they were a beach; Xohana Torres, Rosalía; And what is it all for, my heart; The Hard Majesty of Silence; Solitude remains. I always agreed; The sea, the Sea, the Stellar Signs, the Long Night; The Night Gives Birth to Unfinished Dreams; Penelope; Manuel Álvarez Torneiro, Patrimony; Last Works; Oh this sign; House of the Days; A Bunch of Zinnias; Forever; Bernardino Graña, Marine Ode to the Forces of Patiño and Jackson Pollock; For the Death of Mark Tobey; The End; My happy destiny; O flag of the waves; Lip-grapes; Salvador García-Bodaño, Galicia; I have in me a fishing-boat carrying me away; Fruits of stone are spilled; Those musical mornings; Compostela is a long street; When in the evening memory; Amb un sudari roig; Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín, Country which persecutes and gives nothing; In Compostela can a man; You are like a fall; Island; For a Son of Mine; Horses; Colophon; María Xosé Queizán, You spill the words; Words as Flux; White Page; Spiral; The Carpet-Seller; To Pull from the Thread; Worn-Out; Arcadio López-Casanova, The Voice of Generation; The Necessity of Exile; The Necessity of Vigil; Inheritance of Song; Maid of Spring; The thirst for light - a desire! - which wanted; The End.

VARIOUS. Galician Generation of the Eighties: Three poets (poetry). University of A Coruña, Coruña 1999. Translation: Victoria Fernández Cuesta, Susan Byrne, Mónica Schinaider, Sara Villa, Jeffrey Ruth. Edition & foreword: Luciano Rodríguez.

anthology contents: Xulio López Valcárcel, Absorbed in the Afternoon Grandmother Anticipates Its End; Empty House; You inhabit streets of fear, searching; Song of Autumn; Contribution to a Sketch of Absence; White Space; A Poetics of the Self (Words against Time); Dawn; An Hour of Fullness; The Sea in My Heart; Adagio, Last Offering; Pilar Pallarés, Defeat's Defeat; sometimes only a broken statue remains; In the afternoon, with a dog and a book; to fall asleep in the night of your hair; The drowned woman's lips; here I leave my knowing; Here I am father weeping gently; Lisbon Revisited; so it is and so it may be; The Cunning of a Cat; In the brilliance of the hours; Ramiro Fonte, Vita nuova; Plaza of the World; Promise; Before You Were a Traveler; The Rose; Names for Going Back; The Photograph; Francisco Añón; The Shadow of Guilt; An Unpublished Poem of Alvaro Cunqueiro; Treasures.

VARIOUS. To Visit Me the Sea: Galician poetry 1930-1996 (poetry). Hamlet, Colchester 2000. Translation, edition & foreword: Jack Hill.

anthology contents: Luis Pimentel, Galicia; Poetry Is the Great Miracle of the World; To Rosalía; To Rosalía Again; Ditches; Song to Keep a Baby Awake; Poor Girl's Waltz; The Children; A Poor Little Boy's Burial; A Vile Game; Aquilino Iglesia Alvariño, I Want to Hear Your Silence; Luis Seoane, The Miniature Painter; The Naked Queen; That Old Woman and the Crows; Ricardo Carvalho Calero, It was a town by a river; And if you were to come; Álvaro Cunqueiro, The Recognition of Harold Godwinson; Celso Emilio Ferreiro, A Long Night of Stone; Monologue of an Old Workman; Hunger; Goethe; Incomplete Ballad; Eduardo Moreiras, Little History of a Little Girl; My inherited land; Xosé María Díaz Castro, Aye, Captain; Xosé María Álvarez Blázquez, Cart; Child; Miguel González Garcés, It's old, the cherry tree; Perhaps it might be my father shooting now; The ship of high trees over the scent of the sea; The step of light sounds on the slow river; Ria, camellia, blackbird, happy light, peace; Albertiño, Alberte, Don Alberte…; Lorenzo Varela, The Oxen; To Ruy Xordo; Pura Vázquez, Six Year Old Shepherd Boy; Second Island; To rub. To feel. To touch the burning rock; Fountain of life. And the light which warms me; Antón Tovar, I; It is not for you; When I Die; To Love You Forever; Gee-up - whoaaa; Oh God, God, Father, terrifying, hard; Luz Pozo Garza, Now We Contemplate the Sea of Vigo; The Idea of a Dark City; Offered Petals; The Cies Islands; I Was a Little Girl who Listened in the Night; Manuel María, Terra Chá; Edict; I accuse the middle class; Uxío Novoneyra, Wolf haunts; White cloths; High lonely lands; Bernardino Graña, The Cat in the Sailors' Pub; Sea; My happy destiny; The End; If I Die; I see neither Vigo nor Cangas; Lip-grapes; Manuel Álvarez Torneiro, A Bunch of Zinnias; Forever; House of the Days; Antón Avilés de Taramancos, The Art of Making a Sailor's Wooden Clog; On the other side of the bay they are building a ship; I love the mineral entrails of my country; In the longest stretch of land; Nemo; Orison and Comfort; Comfort; Antiphon; Salvador García-Bodaño, Those musical mornings; Compostela is a long street; Homage to Celso Emilio Ferreiro; Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín, No One; Roi Xordo - the Deaf King; In Compostela a man can; You are as if fallen; Island; Horses; María Xosé Queizán, Words as Flux; White Page; To Draw the Thread; No Longer Valid; Xosé María Álvarez Cáccamo, We must still speak of the house by the sea; I inhabit the ruins of cloistered towers; Three Ways to Kill Sadness; Ramiro Fonte, Before Your Wandering; Manuel Rivas, Ballad of the Beaches of the West; Line of Shadow; Celebrated Personalities; Black Earth; Dakar; The Round-the-World Voyage of Joshua Slocum; Atlantic Avenue; Miguel Anxo Fernán Vello, Twilight Poem; Chronicle; Northward Bound; Snow on the Horizon; Luisa Castro, I divide the world by two.

VARIOUS. A tribo das baleas: An anthology of the latest Galician poetry (poetry). Xerais, Vigo 2001. Translation: Minia Bongiorno García. Edition & foreword: Helena González.

anthology contents: Ana Romaní, And with a word; They walk barefoot on the rocks; Ours might have been time and desire; Twelve meters of ocean clear out; He is I; Antón Lopo, An Expert; Xelmírez; Having a soul means nothing; Suárez Picallo; Blue; (1961-1995); (1965-1996); Chus Pato, What will be my name then; My mother's name; Being able to say; was that Paradise; because what I looked for in my childhood; Miro Villar, It happened on the Lobeiras Islands; Those who don't love; H; Adam Wishes to Die in Eve's Paradise; My Shoes; Negation of Ulysses and Theseus; Fran Alonso, There is no more butane, love; There are terrible moments when all; Take B He has heart trouble; Take A My husband; Take A From the boat it's the first thing one sees; Take B The patients are softened in corridors of fire; Xabier Cordal, once again he renounced to the tower; Posthumous Homage to the Bard of Lost Landscapes; in the country of the West; it's a gaze that razes the beauty; Aphasia; when she looks at her fingers, the girl; Rafa Villar, Of the earth we made a bed; Perhaps nonexistent we go; With the Final Word, the Last One; out of all the houses; from home to the street; house of glass; weaving like the spider weaves; here a poem; Helena de Carlos, Soul; Butera; House on High; Entrimo; Devil of Armeses III, IV; Estevo Creus, I, and not you; Today we will smoke opium on the stairs; And after I kill the whale; That's why I had to kill you; II Today I tied your arms and your legs; I dream about losing a leg; Olga Novo, Grassy; May You Enter the Witches Sabbath Wet; Like a Mare; indigenous; to trot; Anxos Romeo, The marine crow tied; You are identical, brutal darkened ferns; on moon days I chew serpents and giant cobras; the hierophants learn to rediscover and lie; I need resemblance with the eyes caressed by rain; Emma Couceiro, The doorkeepers; I am thinking about them; Midnight Body (II); For a word is only a word; Whose She-Andro; Retrace the veins for your blood and your desert; María do Cebreiro, I cook constantly to throw the raw food; On the insular Britain virgins do not know; Balteira was dragging a briefcase; Sometimes my mother invokes xohana torres; Memory is the space of reappropriation.

VARIOUS. Poetry Is the World's Great Miracle: Poets of Galician PEN Club (poetry). PEN Club of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela 2001. Translation: John Burns. Foreword: María do Cebreiro, Xesús Alonso Montero.

anthology contents: Marilar Aleixandre, Domestic Defeats; Vicente Araguas, The Moon of Novi Sad; Alberto Avendaño, Register; Fermín Bouza Álvarez, For John Donne; Darío Xohán Cabana, Canticles of Village Love; Xoán Manuel Casado, Ne me quitte pas; Francisco Xosé Fernández Naval, Sea of Absence; Modesto Fraga, Winter Solstice; Salvador García-Bodaño, Those mornings when there was music; Antonio García Teijeiro, I remember without turning my head; Bernardino Graña, Marine Ode to the Forces of Patiño and Jackson Pollock; Luís González Tosar, Landfall Bells; Bieito Iglesias, Moscow Overripe Trinkets; Arcadio López-Casanova, Hymn; Antón López Dobao, Verrà la morte e avrà i tuoi occhi; Xulio López Valcárcel, Naemor Kosovo; Ramón Lorenzo, Topsy Turvy; Kathleen March, Wish; Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín, Island; Gonzalo Navaza, The Snow; Chus Pato, my heart follows a star-fast rhythm; Luz Pozo Garza, The Name of the Rose; Xesús Rábade Paredes, I stride the climbing sea; Manuel Rivas, Red Rose, Proud Rose, Sad Rose; Xavier Rodríguez Barrio, Standard Mail; Antón Lopo, Journey to Persia; Ana Romaní, I pick you for a husband; Xohana Torres, Ophelia; Antón Tovar, Daisies; Helena Villar Janeiro, On the Starry Night's Path.

VARIOUS. Let's Call Our Language Voice of Freedom: Prose writers of Galician PEN (drama-essay-stories). PEN Club of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela 2005. Translation: Marta Dahlgren, Liliana Valado, Concepción Noia Cela. Edition & foreword: Dolores Vilavedra.

anthology contents: Xavier Alcalá, Summer of '61; Fran Alonso, Shiny Elephants; Xosé Carlos Caneiro, Al Pacino Will Come Back, at Night; Ramón Caride Ogando, I As in Ibrahim; Xavier Carro, Carnival; Carlos Casares, The Summer Sun; Alfredo Conde, Those Days; Marino Dónega, From Me to You; Xosé Fernández Ferreiro, The Last Paradise; Víctor Freixanes, The City of the Emperors; Carlos Reigosa, A Report on Unease; Camilo Gonsar, The Ace up My Sleeve; Úrsula Heinze, You Are Not Going to Pay; Modesto Hermida, Tratitos of Valdelama; Inma López Silva, Monologue of the Old Rocker at Lunchtime; Basilio Losada, Princess of France; Marina Mayoral, Remember Me for Ever; Carlos Mella, The Death of the Werewolf; María Victoria Moreno, Anagnorisis; María do Camiño Noia, Red; David Otero, Watching the Wind; Cándido Pazó, Ñikiñaque; Xosé Ramón Pena, The Waterman; Antón Risco, The Embryo; Euloxio Ruibal, Part Four; Miguel Anxo Seixas Seoane, They Took Them Away from Us; Suso de Toro, Thirteen Strokes; Andrés Torres Queiruga, New Approximation to a Philosophy of Saudade.

VARIOUS. From the Beginning of the Sea: Anthology of contemporary Galician short stories (stories). Foreign Demand, Brighton 2008. Translation & edition: Oxford Centre for Galician Studies. Foreword: Kirsty Hooper.

anthology contents: Marilar Aleixandre, The Light of Day So Soon Dark; Wolves on the Islands; Xurxo Borrazás, A Plan Sort of; Surplus Value; Uxía Casal, Conditional; Very Fragile; Luisa Castro, The Story of My Dog; A Woman and a Chair; Xosé Cid Cabido, Must Be Going, Must Must Must; Clandestine Bingo; Marina Mayoral, My Dear Friend; Dear Madam; Miguel Anxo Murado, Two Friends; Zoo; Gonzalo Navaza, Bull & Mignonne; Chinese Ink; Xavier Queipo, Château Saignant; The Lahu Settlement; Manuel Rivas, One Million Cows; That Damn Soul; Suso de Toro, To the Precise Degree; Up Early; Xelís de Toro, Insomnia; Papa's Chair.

VARIOUS. Anthology of Galician Literature 1196-1981 (drama-essay-poetry-stories). Galaxia-Xerais-Xunta de Galicia, Vigo 2010. Translation: Roy Boland, John Burns, Catherine Davies, Jonathan Dunne, Carys Evans-Corrales, Benigno Fernández Salgado, Derek Flitter, José Miguel Giráldez, Jack Hill, Kirsty Hooper, Margaret Jull Costa, David Mackenzie, Kathleen March, Kerry Ann McKevitt, Erín Moure, Craig Patterson, John Rutherford, Rosa Rutherford, Colin Smith, Michael Smith, Xelís de Toro, Richard Zenith. Edition & foreword: Jonathan Dunne.

anthology contents: Mendinho, At St Simon's chapel I took my seat; Martin Codax, My beautiful sister, come with me; Pero Meogo, The pretty girl stood; Dinis of Portugal, Though I'm so far away; Fernan Velho, Maria Perez went and declared this; Alfonso X of Castile, Pero da Ponte, I hope between you; How Holy Mary made a monk sit still for three hundred years; Fernán Martís, from Trojan Chronicle; Anonymous, A Miracle of St James Written by Pope Calixtus; Verses; There was once a very rich man who'd inherited; Our Lady on the Hill and Cospeito Lake; The False Woman; Proverbs and riddles; Pedro Vázquez de Neira, Respice finem; Gabriel Feixoo de Araúxo, from Famous Interlude Concerning Fishing in the River Miño; Martín Sarmiento, from Conversation of 24 Galician Rustics; Francisco Añón, To Galicia; Rosalía de Castro, Farewell, rivers and springs; Foreigner in Her Own Land; Manuel Curros Enríquez, May; Eduardo Pondal, Very often on the native heath; Manuel Curros Enríquez, from The Divine Sketch; Valentín Lamas Carvajal, Declaration of Peasant Doctrine; Eduardo Pondal, The Bard, the Accents; Ramón Cabanillas, Far-Stretching Road; Antonio Noriega Varela, All Humble Beauty; Luis Amado Carballo, Seaworthy Night; Manuel Antonio, Alone; Fermín Bouza-Brey, A Night Out by the Sea; Federico García Lorca, Madrigal to the City of Santiago; Vicente Risco, The Little Old Lady; Ramón Otero Pedrayo, The Purgatory of Don Ramiro; Rafael Dieste, The Homecoming; Castelao, The old woman doesn't stop praising her happiness; Wolf Chest; Rafael Dieste, from The Empty Window; Ánxel Fole, Wolves; Álvaro Cunqueiro, The Forest of Esmelle; Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín, Men and the Night; Eduardo Blanco Amor, The Biobardos; Carlos Casares, The War Game; Xosé Neira Vilas, Carnival; Castelao, from Forever in Galicia; Ramón Piñeiro, Its Possible Existence; Celestino Fernández de la Vega, The Meaning of Humour; María Xosé Queizán, from Women and Galicia; Aquilino Iglesia Alvariño, Birches; Luis Pimentel, To Rosalía; Xosé María Díaz Castro, Penelope; Celso Emilio Ferreiro, Brothers; Manuel María, Children's Eyes; Uxío Novoneyra, Litany of Galicia; Castelao, from Old Men Shouldn't Fall in Love; Álvaro Cunqueiro, from The Uncertain Don Hamlet, Prince of Denmark.

VARIOUS. Breogán's Lighthouse: An anthology of Galician literature (drama-poetry-stories). Francis Boutle, London 2010. Translation: Juan Casas, David Clark, Alan Floyd, Ana Gabín, Anne MacCarthy, John Rutherford. Edition: Antonio de Toro Santos. Foreword: Luciano Rodríguez, Manuel González González.

anthology contents: Mendinho, I sat in the chapel on the Isle of San Simón; Pai Gómez Charinho, The flowers of my lover; Martin Codax, O waves of the sea of Vigo; Oh God, would that my lover knew; In the churchyard, in Vigo; Airas Núnez, Let's dance all three, O my friends; Fernando Esquío, Let's go there, my sister, let's go there to sleep; Pero Meogo, To my lover, and I'm pledged to him; I'm beautiful and so I'm cross; My darling has departed, with love I've given him; Oh hinds of the mountain, I've come here to ask; The comely girl rose, the beauteous girl rose; Amidst the green grasses; I'd like to ask you, mother; Daughter, you went, as you danced; Tell me, my daughter, my lovely daughter; Bernal de Bonaval, That lady whom I love and is my mistress dear; Airas Núnez, How I enjoy these summer months; Johán Zorro, In Lisbon, by the sea; Johán Airas de Santiago, I crossed, my mistress, León and Castille; Alfonso X of Castile, By God, my lady; Dinis of Portugal, I would like, in the manner of Provençe; Provençals often make very fine songs; Fernando Esquío, O Love, to you I come now to complain; Johán García de Guilhade, Oh, ugly lady, you went and complained; Martín Soárez, Jongleur Lopo went one day; Afonso Méndez de Besteiros, Lord So-and-So, as I know, is famed as a fickle fellow; Afonso Eanes do Cotón, O Abbess, I have been informed; Pero Gómez Barroso, I'm dying here from greatest need; Airas Núnez, Since in this world the truth's become so rare; Today I heard a shepherdess singing; Johán Airas de Santiago, Up on Crescente Hill I saw; Pero Amigo de Sevilla, One day I went to Compostela; Alfonso X of Castile, I cannot be as gratified; Song X; Song CIV; Fernán Martís, from The Chronicle of Troy; Anonymous, A Miracle of St James, written by Pope Calixtus; Songbook of Upsala; Pedro Vázquez de Neira, Respice finem; Xoán Gómez Tonel, Let the Waters run thick, let the dense Air; Diego Antonio Cernadas, Berducido, Berducido; Xosé Cornide Saavedra, To Filida; Marcos Parcero, Christmas Carol, Santiago Cathedral; Antonio María de Castro e Neira, Christmas Carol, Mondoñedo Cathedral; Nicomedes Pastor Díaz, from Eclogue of Belmiro and Benigno; Xoán Manuel Pintos, Please God these well-played Pipes; Famine; Francisco Añón, from On the death of Vesteiro Torres; Marcial Valladares, from Maxina or the Scorned Daughter; Eduardo Pondal, And you, bell of Anllóns; Such an unkempt beard!; Oak-trees of Carballido; Servile souls; Oh, if only I could; The pines; Our language; The dolmen of Dombate; Paths, mountain thickets; When on steep Ougal; Rosalía de Castro, Bells of Bastabales; I saw the owl; The Galician Pipes; You will all say of these verses, and it's true; Once I had a nail; Today or tomorrow, who can say when?; Silence!; Just when I think that you have gone; Not even in the dark!; Off to Havana!; Alone I wove my cloth; Let's have a drink; A Galician Tale; Antonio López Ferreiro, The Victory of Finisterre; Valentín Lamas Carvajal, The Rascals from the Burga; Manuel Curros Enríquez, Introduction to Airs from my Land; The May-garland; On the arrival in Ourense of the first railway engine; Oh!; Song; On the death of my mother; Nocturne; Smash your lyres!; from The Virgin of the Crystal; from The Divine Farce; To Rosalía; Manuel Leiras Pulpeiro, I'm off to the river bank; Roaring rollers of the sea; Manuel Lugrís Freire, Tale; Antonio Noriega Varela, Little lark; Now she is a birch tree; A little puddle; My dearest hopes know; Ramón Cabanillas, To Basilio Álvarez; In the tavern; Love, eternal restlessness!; Before a cup of Espadeiro wine; from The Knight of the Holy Grail; Xosé Lesta Meis, from Estevo; Xosé Crecente Vega, Nightfall; Vicente Risco, The Werewolf; from The Standing Pig; Castelao, Sabela; Migueliño's Father; If I Were an Author; Rifante Was a Sailor; Ramón Otero Pedrayo, The field at Casdenón; from About Oneself; from Lords of the Land; Rafael Dieste, The Suicidal Child; The Dark Old Man; New York Is Ours; Luis Pimentel, A walk; Manuel Antonio, Intentions; The old frigate; Elbows on the rail; Alone; Elegy to Captain Roald Amundsen, lost at the North Pole; Manuel Luís Acuña, Neither white nor black; Luis Amado Carballo, S-6; The cross; Fermín Bouza-Brey, Wasteland; Emilio Pita, Seed; Luis Seoane, Building castles in Spain; Ramón de Valenzuela, from It Was a Time for Putting Up with Things; Lorenzo Varela, from Far; Eduardo Blanco Amor, from The Binge; from People in the Distance; from Haggis Hunting; Fearful Blandina; Ánxel Fole, Wolves; María Mariño, Leaves are falling and in me spring is born; Aquilino Iglesia Alvariño, The small hours; In the pastures of Aldoar; For the old poets of the past; Last wall; Ricardo Carvalho Calero, You're too hard on yourself; Venetian elegy; Álvaro Cunqueiro, The Hourglass; from The Choirmaster's Chronicles; Melle from Loboso; Louredo from Hostes; There is a much-praised island; If my lady dances at the dawn of Arousa Isle; Last elegy to Manoel Antonio; Rondeau of the fine ladies painted in the apse of the church of O Vilar; Ricorditi di me; The poet chooses April; O soul of mine, as in the concerto; Celso Emilio Ferreiro, Look at me hard; The roof is stone; No; Lying before the sea; January 1972, II; Soul of my land; My Pana Bulda; Xosé María Díaz Castro, Sore flesh; Like embers; Penelope; Eduardo Moreiras, Hope; Xosé María Álvarez Blázquez, Secret channel; Miguel González Garcés, The vault of the world shattered; Pura Vázquez, Fleeting time yesterday; Unremembering river of memory; Antón Tovar, What I have; Luz Pozo Garza, It was raining in Compostela; Manuel Cuña Novás, All Souls' Day; Xosé Neira Vilas, from Memories of a Country Boy; Everything for Carme; Víctor Campio Pereira, Prologue to The Breeze That Carries Us Away; Manuel María, Verses from a bitter land; Goodbye to spring; Uxío Novoneyra, Courel of proud peaks; Hunting-grounds of the wolf!; From O Courel to Compostela; Xosé Fernández Ferreiro, from August 1936; Camilo Gonsar, from Towards Times Square; Xohana Torres, Night rears incomplete dreams; Calm leaves our little boat; Bernardino Graña, The cat in the harbour bar; How shall I live tomorrow without your light?; Manuel Álvarez Torneiro, On the road; Salvador García-Bodaño, Compostela is a long street; Antón Avilés de Taramancos, On the other side of the sea; from First canto; Xosé Luís Franco Grande, Sometimes I go into me; Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín, Ladies of the past; Land of pushing on and giving nothing; To a son of mine; Quietude; Checkmate; Blue Stockings; María Xosé Queizán, from The Ear in the Hole; Carlos Casares, Like Wolves; from His Grace; Brother Luís de Morgade, faith-healer to Carlos the Second the Spellbound; Arcadio López-Casanova, Ancient song of prophecy; Marina Mayoral, Dear Madam; Xosé Manuel Martínez Oca, from The Dark Call of the Hollows; Alfredo Conde, from There Goes the Griffin on the Wind; Marilar Aleixandre, from Wolves on the Islands; Xavier Alcalá, from Our Ashes; Carlos Reigosa, from Crime in Compostela; Alfonso Pexegueiro, The woman of Seraogna; Vítor Vaqueiro, And we dreamt then of journeys; Xesús Rábade Paredes, from Branca de Loboso; Millán Picouto, To the river Miño in March; Xavier Rodríguez Baixeras, Like a river; Alone; Vicente Araguas, When she sleeps; I was Lady Chatterley's lover; Xosé María Álvarez Cáccamo, Knives; from Perpetual Calendar; Cesáreo Sánchez Iglesias, The snow falls; Víctor Freixanes, from The Triangle within the Circumference; Margarita Ledo Andión, Ironpark Crime; Anxo Rei Ballesteros, from About Angels and about the Dead; Luís González Tosar, Water of nameless love; Azrou, sad friend; César Antonio Molina, Lethe; Darío Xohán Cabana, Those mild, dark nights; The Old Man of the Mountain; Xulio López Valcárcel, You live in streets of fear; Another poem about gifts; Xavier Seoane, When my soul rises and flies over the sea; The great bird; Chus Pato, I tell you all that the woman who dances; Xesús Manuel Valcárcel, In the remote regions; Xosé Miranda, My Childhood in the Disputes Tavern; Claudio Rodríguez Fer, Fog; Suso de Toro, The Passion of St Matthew; from Tick-Tock; from The Hunting Shadow; Manuel Rivas, The Huge Cemetery in Havana; from The Carpenter's Pencil; Story; Red rose, proud rose, sad rose; Xavier Queipo, from Château Saignant; Antón Reixa, murrai is pondering; madagascar lalín; Ramiro Fonte, Before you were a traveller; Midday lights; Pilar Pallarés, i am reborn on the watery boundaries; In the splendour of the hours; Gonzalo Navaza, Bull & Mignonne; Intimate construction; The rose sees; Luísa Villalta, In a sonnet of sounds that sound out and are; LOVE, asphalt; Miguel Anxo Fernán Vello, Women of the summer; The journey; Manuel Forcadela, Odyssey; I, who always wanted; Lois Pereiro, Car crash (of death in a negative); Dandy; Xosé Cid Cabido, from Grupo abeliano; Román Raña, Never will I say desire; Land of the past; Paulino Vázquez, Final consideration; Eusebio Lorenzo Baleirón, Two swans; Language; Ana Romaní, Winding thoughts over rings; Near the afternoon; Xelís de Toro, from Insomnia; Xurxo Borrazás, from Surplus Value; Xosé Carlos Caneiro, Train; Old Age; Xosé Manuel Millán Otero, Word of mouth (II); Lost Carcasonne the city the days the faces you had; Antón López Dobao, from Notebook of the Rights and the Hours; Manuel Outeiriño, Hippopotamus (Babylonian); Sea-glow; Fran Alonso, I shall write you poems of love and death; Miro Villar, The warmth of books gives no comfort; Miguel Anxo Murado, Great Last Minute Changes; Marta Dacosta, I have a city hidden in my verses; And you perhaps will say you do not like the verses; Rafa Villar, I bear; no rose; Martín Veiga, Today death persists obstinately in the stones; Yolanda Castaño, Fairy tales; María do Cebreiro, Venus.


VARIOUS. Contemporary Galician Poets (poetry). Poetry Review, London 2010. Translation, edition & foreword: Jonathan Dunne.

anthology contents: Xosé María Álvarez Cáccamo, Knives; I went back in the house; Manuel Álvarez Torneiro, On the Matter of Adagio; Territory; Yolanda Castaño, Highway to Heaven; Fairy Tales; María do Cebreiro, Love Song; Saturn; Miguel Anxo Fernán Vello, Definitive Forms of Nostalgia; Airport; Luís González Tosar, Tools of Identity; Water of Love without a Name; Bernardino Graña, On the Death of Mark Tobey; The Sea Tavern's Cat; Xulio López Valcárcel, Embers; Xosé Luís Méndez Ferrín, Words to a Future Reader; Rest; Olga Novo, Dear Mum, I'm learning to bark; Pilar Pallarés, and when the time for memory arrives; Those lines on Argelès beach; Chus Pato, Louise Labé is a verse; From the other side, where one is alone with time; Alfonso Pexegueiro, The Sands of Language (Life); The Parents; Luz Pozo Garza, First Memory; In Search of Federico García Lorca; Manuel Rivas, Blind Man's Grass; Ingres and the Fornarina; Tierra del Fuego; Xavier Rodríguez Baixeras, Dialogue with the Eastern Trees; Shadow Child; Elegy; Claudio Rodríguez Fer, An Old Man and a Boy; from Trace of Woman; Xavier Seoane, When my soul goes up and flies; Bestiary; Xohana Torres, I always went down through Old Square; My Name Is Image in the Hour's Mauve Light; Galicia.

VARIOUS. To the Winds Our Sails (poetry). Salmon, Cliffs of Moher 2010. Translation: Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, Anne Le Marquand Hartigan, Celia de Fréine, Mary O'Malley, Catherine Phil MacCarthy, Lorna Shaughnessy, Maurice Harmon, Caitríona O'Reilly, Máighréad Medbh, Paddy Bushe, Minia Bongiorno García. Edition & foreword: Mary O'Donnell, Manuela Palacios.

anthology contents: Luz Pozo Garza, Winter Palaces; Welcome to 'San Felicísimo'; Forests of Rhododendrons; Page of the Atlantic; María do Carme Kruckenberg, Let's Talk about False Accusations; The Mirror Reflects; I Remember Those Summer Days; Do You Remember How the Dog; Xohana Torres, Ophelia; Sybil in Ribadavia; My Name Is Image in the Hour's Mauve Light; Many's the Time I'd Wend My Way through the Old Square; Marilar Aleixandre, domestic defeats; the diary (3 surly); sweeping up the ashes; the head eaters; Luz Pichel, Prologue Poem; Burning the Firewood; The Branches of the Fig Tree Are Laden with Its Crop of Figs; Almost Nothing Is Known; Chus Pato, Because It Is Not Only Language That Is Threatened; The Voice Was Pure Panic; Ana Romaní, The Lizards Watched Her As She Passed; Because I Know You Sometimes Leave; Escape; Would That the Sperm Whales Would Climb My Legs; María do Cebreiro, Memory Is a Circumscribed Space; The Waste Land; Moon; The Death of Lieutenant General Sir John Moore, 1809; María Lado, one; three; seven; four; Xiana Arias, Here Is the Place of Death's Growing; There Are No Guns; By the Door of Her House, Sitting; This Is Not Feminine Literature.

VARIOUS. Anthology of Galician Literature 1981-2011 (drama-essay-poetry-stories). Galaxia-Xerais-Xunta de Galicia, Vigo 2012. Translation: Roy Boland, Jonathan Dunne, Erín Moure, Sonia Soto. Edition & foreword: Jonathan Dunne.

anthology contents: Xavier Alcalá, from Between Frontiers; Marilar Aleixandre, Under the Trout's Skin; Fran Alonso, Bellum domesticum; Xosé María Álvarez Cáccamo, Train; Manuel Álvarez Torneiro, Evening Contemplation; Diego Ameixeiras, from Tell Me Something Dirty; Rosa Aneiros, Northwest Syndrome; Antón Avilés de Taramancos, Wounded Chronicle; Justo Beramendi, The Paths of Nationalisms; Xurxo Borrazás, The Alphabet Game; Darío Xohán Cabana, from Gawain in Saor; Marcos Calveiro, from The Painter with the Mallow Hat; Xosé Carlos Caneiro, Return, and Return, Return; Fina Casalderrey, from Dove and Finch; Yolanda Castaño, Apples from Tolstoy's Garden; Francisco Castro, from Call Me Sinbad; María do Cebreiro, Form and Content; Xosé Cid Cabido, from abelian group; Alfredo Conde, from The Griffon; Xabier Cordal, I saw the first image; Xabier Docampo, Butterflies; Miguel Anxo Fernán Vello, Jazz; Agustín Fernández Paz, August Love; Ramiro Fonte, The Children of Europe; Víctor Freixanes, from Horse of Golds; Marcial Gondar, The Galician as Problem; Camilo Gonsar, Galicia; Luís González Tosar, You also, force of late love; Bieito Iglesias, The Apotheosis of La Belle Otero; María Lado, to the ocean you were just a child; Inma López Silva, from Memory of Cities without Light; Antón Lopo, Brad; Manuel Lourenzo, from Flowers of Dunsinane; Oriana Méndez, Traba; Xosé Miranda, A Day's Hunting; Xosé Monteagudo, Cash Flow; Teresa Moure, from Black Nightshade; Miguel Anxo Murado, The Gulf Stream; Xosé Neira Cruz, from The Stoat Sleeps; Manuel Outeiriño, Fernbild; Chus Pato, or in a rush; Lois Pereiro, Sleepless nights like damp sheets; Luz Pozo Garza, Avalon, Avalon; Xavier Queipo, from Dragoness; Anxo Rei Ballesteros, from Will I See You Again?; Carlos Reigosa, from Intramundi; Antón Reixa, Contemporary History of the Labour Movement; Manuel Rivas, The Lame Horse's Road; Antón Riveiro Coello, from Bakunin's Turtledoves; Xavier Rodríguez Baixeras, Stones; Ana Romaní, What love is your dominion; Rubén Ruibal, from Purity of Blood; Daniel Salgado, the illusions of postmodernism; Anxos Sumai, The Box and the Gift; Suso de Toro, from Tick-Tock; Xohana Torres, Penelope; Andrés Torres Queiruga, The Look of God; Paulino Vázquez, (the felling of cedars); Roberto Vidal Bolaño, from Sick; Domingo Villar, from Death on a Galician Shore.




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